Visual Arts

Visual Arts Program

Somerset's Visual Arts program is a cornerstone of our educational approach, nurturing critical thinking and intuitive understanding in children. Through engaging multi-sensory activities, we instill an appreciation for cultural diversity, the pursuit of quality, innovative thinking, and more, all woven into each learning experience.

Moreover, our program fosters a deep connection between students, their own heritage, and civilization at large. We aim to empower students to infuse richness into their creations, and above all, to relish and value art.

In our view, there are no mistakes in art—only opportunities for creation! We prioritize the process and effort students invest in their work within the classroom. Art transcends boundaries and unites people across the globe. Through a multitude of mediums, it provides a means for individual expression, contributing to the formation of a distinctive and shared identity. Additionally, it has been demonstrated to enhance mental well-being and cultivate high levels of self-control.

Art has the potential to influence our culture, politics, and even the economy in numerous ways. Whether through pottery, music, fashion, or paintings, art remains an integral part of our world today, leaving an enduring mark on our collective experience.