Drama Program

Somerset's Yearly Productions

2006 Nightmare Before Christmas

2007 The Wizard of Oz

2008 Corpse Bridge

2009 Play Time (an original script)

2010 Showdown at the Motown Corral

2011 Disco Fever

2012 The S Factor

2013 Rebel Without a Clue

2014 Shakespeare Comes to Gravel Gulch

2015 Peter Pan

2016 Flower Power

2017 Princess Whatshername

2018 Hairy Tale Rock

2019 The Enchanted Bookshop

2020 The Five Letter Word

2023 Porridge Gate

For the past 22 years, our students have been fortunate to engage in a series of remarkable dramatic performances. Starting in 1999 with a stage adaptation of Tuck Everlasting, our drama department has continually strived to enhance the caliber of our productions year after year.

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