What's STEM

STEM Speakers

Community STEM Professionals are invited to Somerset Academy to speak to our students about their journey, provide information about various career paths, and clarify any doubts that students may have. Female pilots for Ninety Nines Inc., an anesthesiologist, an inventor, and a radiologist are the most recent STEM Speakers who have presented to our students.

STEM program

As a STEM School, our vision is to create a learning culture where students practice and develop Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and 21st Century Skills. Our mission is to use proven STEM guidelines to build the foundation for a self-directed STEM School.

Somerset Academy's STEM Program has been offering the following initiatives and programs for our students to build 21st Century Skills.

What is STEM?

STEM Based Approach to Learning

On a daily basis, Somerset Academy's students engage in inquiry and research based, self-directed, and hands-on experiences, Students use various opportunities to apply and communicate their understanding of concepts taught in class as well as think of solutions to critical and read-world problems

Stem Based Approach Learning