Principal's Message


Principal  Cathy Barogianis


 Somerset Academy is more than a school;  it's a warm, nurturing haven for your  child. Our aim is to cultivate responsible,  well-rounded, and independent students.

 When asked what distinguishes  Somerset, I always emphasize that we are part of a "family" that supports and encourages one another, regardless of age, academic level, or proficiency in sports and extracurricular pursuits.

A Somerset Education lays the cornerstone for a prosperous future.



Director     Katherine Kwok


 Over the past years, our relentless pursuit  of excellence has been evident in  Academics, Language, and Performing  Arts. In both education and performing  arts training, it's the power of teamwork  that propels us towards success. Our dedicated principals, teachers, and staff have invested significant effort and time to contribute to this achievement.

Engaging in performing arts and academics equips children with valuable life skills. They learn self-discipline, the importance of collaboration, how to tackle challenges, and how to enhance their social skills. Ultimately, these experiences boost their self-confidence and help them reach their full potential.