Music Program

Music Program

The goal of the Music Program at Somerset Academy is to enhance each student's appreciation of music through the following approaches: study, practice and performance.

Through the course of the curriculum, the students learn the language of Music by studying a variety of rhythms, reciting notations and phrasing and performing in a classroom setting.

At Somerset Academy, we are well aware of the different levels and attempt to maximize student potential based on age and experience. The program varies greatly depending on student development.

Grade 1 - 4

Through choral and recorder performance, students will
explore Classical, Folk and World Music.

During recorder units, students will learn to refine their
tone quality and technical playing skills. Students
will demonstrate an understanding of the basic
elements of music (melody, rhythm, texture and
instrumentation) and read, notate and perform simple
music notation. Listening skills and music
appreciation will be developed.

Each student will record their musical learning and progress through portfolio exercises.

Intermediate Program

The School Music Program at Somerset Academy is based
upon the Ontario Curriculum. Students in Grade 5 to 8
will select and learn how to play a band instrument
(flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone).

Emphasis will be placed on individual and ensemble
performance. In the band program, students will
develop and refine their tone quality, technical
playing ability, and skill to assess and critique
their performance.

Through listening exercises, music
appreciation studies, band performance and composition
projects, students will read simple music notation and
demonstrate an understanding of basic elements of
music: Rhythm, Pitch, Melody, Harmony,
Instrumentation/timbre, Texture, Articulation,

Students will develop a repertoire of
musical terminology, which they will utilize in
listening exercises and performance assessment (self
and ensemble).