Intermediate (6 - 8)

intermediate and senior

Intermediate and Senior Divisions

Grade 6 to 8

In line with our commitment to quality education, class sizes at Somerset Academy never exceed 18 students. Our curriculum is enriched with special activities, in-depth studies, and engaging field trips at all grade levels.

For students in Grades 7 and 8, we offer a valuable opportunity to participate in a 3-4 day excursion, fostering teamwork and nurturing personal independence. Meanwhile, students in Grades 5 & 6 have the chance to embark on a 2-3 day overnight camping adventure, further enhancing their studies in History and Geography.

As our intermediate students progress towards the upper grades, the core academic subjects remain the foundation of our program. We place a renewed focus on refining students’ abilities, emphasizing problem- solving, reasoning skills, and cultivating effective study habits.

We take great care to prepare our students for the transition to high school, whether it be in a public or private setting. Our objective at Somerset Academy is to instill confidence in their skills and promote independent learning. Formal examinations commence in Grade 6.