Our Vision

Our Vision

Our aim is to empower each child to reach their
maximum potential, nurturing students who not only
excel academically, but also emerge as
self-assured and accountable young individuals.

Success comes from working together


Our Teaching Philosophy

Success Comes from Working Together

Your children are poised to be the
architects of our future, and we are
committed to their success. At
Somerset Academy, we foster a culture
of intellectual curiosity. From Grade 1 to
8, we empower students to analyze,
assess, and express ideas with
knowledge and confidence, all within a
framework of elevated academic,
artistic, and athletic standards.

Operating one year ahead of their
typical grade level, our students
engage in a wide array of enriched
academic programs, complemented by
a blend of Visual Arts, Physical
Education, Music, and Computer
Studies. Moreover, they have access to
a diverse range of extracurricular