Our Vision

Our Vision

At Somerset Academy, we promote intellectual curiosity and encourage students to learn effectively. Our students are taught to interpret, evaluate and communicate ideas knowledgeably and confidently within a framework of high academic, artistic and athletic standards. We also nurture respect for the individual, foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment and instill an awareness of the community's needs.

Our Philosophy

The administration and staff of Somerset Academy believe that a well-rounded education is built on a solid academic foundation, and this is the cornerstone of our approach to learning. However, we are also concerned with the education of the whole child, and so time is spent helping students develop self-confidence, independence, respect for themselves and others, and a sense of responsibility towards the world in which we live.

The school recognizes the need for structure yet remains a very warm and supportive environment. There is a strong sense of community, which is evident in the relationship between students and staff, and great emphasis is placed on the concept of the "Somerset Family."

Our goal is to enable every child to develop to their fullest potential and produce academically successful, confident, and responsible young people.