Special Notes for the curriculum

Reach Ahead Program

Through participation in our Reach
Ahead programs, your child can
accelerate their progress and gain an
early head start towards earning their
high school diploma.

In partnership with Yip’s Collegiate,
Somerset Academy is pleased to
provide credits towards your child’s
high school diploma. These courses will
be conducted using a blended learning
approach, integrating both classroom-
based instruction and online learning.

The Reach Ahead program is
strategically designed to enable your
child to engage in one (if not all) of the
essential high school courses that every
student must complete before their high
school graduation.

Courses offered in our program:
English - ENG1D
Mathematics - MPM1D
Chinese (Mandarin) - LKAAD
Geography - CGC1D

Gifted Program

Somerset Academy proudly offers a
Gifted Program tailored to students in
Grades 3 to 7. This specialized program
is meticulously designed to cater to the
academic needs, distinctive
characteristics, and particular interests
of students who meet advanced criteria
across various subjects, encompassing
Languages, Mathematics, Science, and

Participants in this program will convene
weekly, collaborating and learning
alongside peers who share similar or
even higher intellectual aptitude and
creative thinking abilities.

Our Gifted Program is structured to
align with each student's current
academic level, allowing them to
progress at their individual pace.

*Please note that students must be formally identified as gifted by a Licensed
Psychologist through standardized testing in order to qualify for this program.