Special Notes for the curriculum

Reach Ahead for Grade 8

Somerset Academy, in conjunction with Yips Collegiate, will offer some credits towards your child's High school Diploma. These courses will be held with a blended learning style, incorporating both classroom learning and online learning. The Reach Ahead program is designed to allow your child to participate in one (if not all) of the following High school courses which are required to be completed by every student prior to their High school graduation.


One year ahead

Because of Somerset Academy's accelerated and enriched program, students are working at a level approximately one year above the Ministry of Education guidelines.


Gifted Program

Somerset Academy offers a Gifted Program for students in Grades 4 to 7. This program is designed to provide the academic needs, characteristics and interests of those who meet the advanced criteria in various subjects including languages, mathematics, Science and History. These students will get together each week to work and learn with other students who have similar or higher intellectual aptitude and creative thinking abilities.

Note: Students will need to be identified as gifted by a Licensed Psychologist through standardized testing to be qualified for this program.