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Welcome to Somerset Academy

Since 1974, Somerset Academy has been
dedicated to providing result-oriented, co-
educational, and non-profit education for
children from Grades JK - 8. Our
educational approach is unique and was
conceived by educators who dared to be
different. In the competitive landscape of
the 21st century, too few children excel in
high school, and even fewer gain
acceptance into university


This is where Somerset steps in.

We bring together teachers, parents, and
children in collaborative programs
designed to achieve success through
teamwork. We foster an environment that
challenges and supports children,
encouraging their development and

The social and academic skills, along with
self-discipline and self-respect, instilled at
Somerset, remain with the child throughout
their life. We lay the foundation for a
successful high school and post-secondary
experience, ultimately shaping a rewarding
adult life and career.

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